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Black Garlic
Black Garlic

The Secret of Black Garlic with Fruit Sensation Taste!

Now, the “Black Garlic” topic. There are various questions such as whether the smell of garlic is to worry about, or is it really has a good effect for the body, or is it safe to be consumed, etc. Here, we will explain the features
such as the efficacy and the effect of black garlic.

1. Black Garlic has no garlic peculiar smell.

Black garlic is made by maturing raw garlic for a long time. By doing so, the sulfur compound which is the cause of the peculiar
smell to the original garlic is removed. By eliminating the garlic smell, black garlic came up with
some benefits. It becomes easy to eat and you would not be worried about bad breath or body odor even if you eat it every day.

2. New Composition that is not Found in Raw Garlic

By maturing black garlic, a new composition called “S-allyl cysteine” which is not contained in raw garlic is produced. The production of S-allyl cysteine resulted in new efficacies not found in raw garlicThis ingredient is said that have the effect of preventing oxidative constitution while keeping blood smooth.

S-allyl cysteine has many efficacies as follows.

  • Aging-induced active oxygen prevent that it is tied LDL(low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol.
  • Reduce cell damage from oxidation.
  • Prevents oxidation of blood vessels and skin(10 times of the raw garlic).
  • Health maintenance.
  • Body becomes warm.
  • Wake up feeling good.
  • Feel better.
  • Sutamina supply.
  • Maintain congnitive function.

Black Garlic is better for the body than the ordinary garlic.

3. Black garlic promotes metabolism and improves body cold

Garlic has the effect of improving blood circulation by increasing blood fluidity. It also increases energy consumption, increases body heat production and improves coolingBlack garlic is said that to be more effective at relieving colds than raw garlic, and it has been confirmed that eating hard-to-warm people can increase skin temperature, cool limbs, and alleviate numbness due to cold. 

4. Frequent Question regarding Black Garlic

Explanation of Black garlic’s frequently asked questions.


Q1.Why is it black?

Black garlic is blackened by placing raw garlic in a high temperature and high humidity environment for 3 to 4 weeks. This blackening change is considered to be the same as Maillard reaction like chocolate, etc. Since it does not use any food additives during the manufacturing process, it could be consumed safely.

Q2.What does it taste like?

When it is matured and blackens, somehow it gets sweeter. From the person who consumed it, mostly they said it has a taste impression of dried fruit.

Q3.Is the smell really okay?

When consuming, it will smell sweet and sour. However, unlike after eating dumplings and fried garlic, bad breath is not to be worried about. It is okay even consuming it before working or dating.

5. Composition table of black garlic

Composition table of black garlic
(Per 100g of black garlic)